We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about our services.

If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please use the contact us page.

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What type of content do you work on?

We consider ourselves generalists in the sense that we work on every type of content imaginable. Past projects include college essays, technical documents, children’s books, political memos, short stories, marketing emails, brochures, legal documents, blog posts, biographies, kindle books, web content, etc. However, we do not edit poems.

Are you comfortable proofreading romance novels?

Yes! Both fiction and non-fiction.

I have a Christian book. Can you edit it?

We have a couple of Christian books in our portfolio, and we have edited several religious articles and magazines, too.

How do I see the changes that have been made to my document?

We will deliver two files. One will contain the edits and changes, using the tracking feature in MS Word. The other will be the final, edited document with all changes accepted. You can compare the edits/changes against the original document. Where there are any queries, we will alert you in a comment.

How will you proofread my website?

In two ways:
1) You will need to copy the text you’d like proofread into either a Word or text (txt) document. We can then give you an accurate quote and provide a ‘tracked changes’ report for you, as well as an edited document.

2) You can provide us access to your website dashboard; we’re 100% familiar with WordPress. We will make the corrections on your website and still provide a ‘tracked changes’ document

What document format(s) do you accept?

We do not edit PDF files or images. We accept Microsoft Word documents (97 and above), Open Office Files (.odt), Notepad files (.rtf files). If the format isn’t listed here, you can still contact us. We also edit PowerPoint files.

Is this truly a manual editing service?

Yes, we manually edit all content sent to us. Editing tools fail to catch the most in-depth writing issues that affect readability. Even worse, they often offer incorrect suggestions!

How do I place my order?

By using the contact form found here. We’d get back with you almost immediately with a quote and then proceed with an invoice for your convenience.